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tv   PBS News Hour  PBS  August 22, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> two weeks from tonight the games start to count. tonight for the ravens a dress rehearsal. preseason game number three as they host the carolina panthers and test their evolving defense against cam newton and that high-power panther offense. for the ravens' offense, joe flacco trying to integrate with the new parts, the new members of his passing game. the ravens are looking to shine after struggling with the first team offense in the first team defense a week ago against atlanta. the clock is ticking. the regular season is right around the corner. and the ravens are trying to get as ready as they possibly can. tonight, it's the ravens and the panthers. and it's time to count down to kickoff. >> for the third straight thursday the baltimore ravens
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look to beat an informs south team in the preseason. -- an n.f.c. south team in the preseason. so far so good. >> deflects. to the 30. 20. torrey smith is going all the way! for a ravens touchdown. >> tonight's dress rehearsal the guys you will see on sunday afternoon the most snaps in any preseason game. it also gives coaches the best evils of how their team -- evaluation of how their team looks going into the season. for the third straight thursday avens football on wbal tv 11 and it starts with ravens countdown. >> with all due deference to justin timberlake and jay-z the finest nonfootball game moment ever at m&t bank stadium came last february when more than 09,000 fans packed this stadium to celebrate super bowl xlvii, a day of absolute joy. and celebrate that incredible accomplishment. but the ravens heading into 2013 are just like everybody
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else. they are 0-0. hello and welcome into ravens camp. i'm pete gilbert. thanks so much for being us with here tonight. gerry sandusky alluded to it just a moment ago they have struggled a bit. certainly the first team offense. and ed dickson we're not sure if he will play, the ravens tight end. with the injury to dennis pitta. and it's been a struggle. and ready for the season opener. ed one of guys that will be pushed by dallas clark and visanthe shiancoe. dickson has been out with a tweaked hamstring and probably not going to play tonight against the panthers. with dennis pitta's season training camp, enough for some. and brandon stokley, they can se the extra reps. >> you can see them starting to blend and jell those last two periods we had today.
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were pretty sharp with a number of different young guys that were taking part within the practice scheme also. but it just takes work. i think you see them out there throwing early to dallas. working with him on some different routes and things of that nature. he does the same thing with stokley and every time they pop up in one-on-ones he moves over and takes a couple extra throws and trying to get accustomed not only those two but a lot of our young guys as well. >> earlier today, i watched joe flacco working extensively with dallas clark running many routes pregame. working on their timing. and at that point, they did not miss a beat. now, of course last january, no -- in denver two weeks from tonight where the ravens will begin the season. a bit of frustration of course with the scheduling of that. but you know what, going back to a place where you had success like this is it that awful? the play of a lifetime. joe flacco, 07 yard heave at the end of regulation to send the game to overtime to jacoby jones. and i was standing no less than 15 yards from where he caught it and remains the most remarkable play these eyes have
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ever seen. so once again that kickoff, it should be interesting. the ravens, broncos, a little bit are looking for a little bit of revenge out of that one. countdown to kickoff starts at 7:00 from screvent authority field. kickoff of the 2013 season, from denver, scheduled for just after 8:30 september 5. and you can see the game right here on september 5. what's interesting to think about the fact that elvis dumervil played for the broncos in that game. and he has had many questions about that. a bit of frustration to have to come over here and watch everyone with those grins knowing that the ravens got the better of them. but thanks to really a mishap with the fax machine dumervil became available to the ravens. and now he's here ready to throw some very big shoes. pass rusher. >> obviously when you're with the team for seven years, and change happens, you got to get accustomed to totally new city. new living. teammates. coaches. scheme.
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position. so time zone. now i'm back in the eastern time so it's different. waking up the sun is out. but it's been great, man. it's been hard work. and we just been having fun. working away to -- the camaraderie has been amazing, man, and get everyone jelled in. and we got a lot of new faces, too. we got canty. spears. huff. so a lot of guys, man, and we just try to come in and was already a great organization. obviously with the -- we're the super bowl champions. we do try to come in and pay -- >> what's been greatest challenge? you mentioned so many new faces. you look on paper, and you see the resumes. like wow, it's amazing. but you talk about -- that will be great if the guys jell together. what's the key for that happening? and how close are you at this point do you think to coming together? >> i think -- we're headed in the right direction. i think -- personally, it's the type of guys you bring in.
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and i really feel we got a bunch of good guys who want to get better. and i think once you buy in, we all have to buy into the system. and i think we all believe in coach harbaugh as our head coach. and he's done a tremendous job. and it's been great. >> what makes you tick as a player? i love hearing these stories from great athletes. there are so many great athletes out here, right? you look at the guys that are going to get cut. tremendous, top half of one percent athlete. didn't quite make it. what has set you apart? what is your -- where does your drive come from? >> you hit it on the nail, man. what we do is top 1% or 2%. so failure, no one wants to fail. no one doesn't want to -- me personally, you're not able to do this. that's something i fight against. and that's why i put the work into it. the work ethic. because i don't want to get that call. and if i do, we all deal with affliction. we've all been afflicted one way or the other.
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and if that happens you have to go back to the drawing board and work harder. the story my mom told me, i wanted to achieve certain things. and couldn't get it done. and she looked at me and said do more. so i just do more, man. >> do more. that's what we got to do. that's your nickname. do more ville. do more ville may not roll off the tongue but propriate and great sitting down with him. more with elvis dumervil coming up in ravens countdown. when he got here today to the stadium at 4:00 fans of course already lined up. the tailgate festivities and none more so than our resident fan expert. jennifer franciotti. how are you doing tonight, jen? >> there's a lot going on here. a lot of fans fired up. and they are ready for tonight's game. against the panthers. a group of college students. they all went to high school together. they get together for one or two games a year.
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brett, go ahead and tell me, i mean, bart, tell me, how excited are you for tonight's game? >> we are so excited and ready to defend the ship. we're back, baby. and we're ready to go. we're all pumped up. >> what do you want to see from tonight's game? >> i would like to see movie the chains. with the new additions. maybe the rookies. love to move those chains. get the offense in that rhythm. >> all right. ready for ravens football? all right, guys. thanks a lot. i'll tell you what, there are families here from all over the area. we have a family here from baltimore county. and harper county and they even have some enemies in the midst. take a look at this. tell us what the story is. >> our story is we are ravens fans. and we are loving super bowl champions. and we are ready for a new powerful, powerful season. >> they are a powerful season. and i'm sorry to tell you this, but you got more ravens fans here ready to beat the panthers. >> let's go, carolina! >> go, carolina! >> cam newton! >> these fans are ready to go.
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we have families out here playing bean bag toss and everyone grilling and we'll show that you later on in our special. here at ravens countdown. jennifer franciotti, now back to you, peelt. having fun. >> of course you're having fun. if there's a ravens party to be had, jennifer franciotti indeed will be there. still to come on ravens countdown we'll get some thoughts from john harbaugh just before kickoff. what he expects to see tonight in this dress rehearsal against the carolina panthers. and we'll take a look at the n.f.c. south. and see what the ravens have done so far, certainly by wins and losses it has gone spectacularly well. but has it really? that's when ravens countdown continues after this. when you realize you need to switch to verizon,
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now that i'm on verizon, everything moves fast. with verizon, i have that reliability. i'm completely happy with verizon. verizon's 4g lte is the most reliable and in more places than any other 4g network. period. that's powerful. verizon. >> time to make sure we check in with the man in the sweater, our buddy, executive producer nd his blog "dash of the
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field." where you can find his blog. and we'll talk a little bit about the carolina panthers and talking to fans, everyone is so excited to get a live, local late-breaking look at cam newton. and really, i think if you want to be a student of it and try to figure out how the ravens can defend him, he is reminiscent certainly of ben roethlisberger. big, strong, and he can extend plays and see how the ravens' defense is able to contain. what we saw last week against the panthers. and the panthers and the eagles did not go terribly well for carolina. a bit sloppy. and michael vick played -- michael vick, won a starting job thanks to his performance out of that. so carolina, 1-1 in the preseason thus far. looking to do a better job than they did a week agoment so they're a little bit fired up heading into their dress rehearsal as well. all right. you can watch every snap right here of course on wbal tv.
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an easy schedule to remember. if it's thursday, it's ravens football. kickoff at the top of the hour on your home for ravens prime time football. and now we want to go ahead and bring in from the ravens, marketing director katy bollinger. there's been some changes to this year as far as what fans are allowed to bring in and as far as bags and how it's done. week one, how did it go? >> i think it went really well. we were walking around the stadium and saw a lot of people with the clear bags and the size that did not exceed the 12 x 12 x 6 limit. and the zip lock bag that's smaller than one gallon size. >> as far as for fans that are not entirely sure exactly what's going on again, refresh again, lay it out, what is the most important thing as far as what may be brought before that you can't bring now? >> to the nfl, has named it a new policy that squms all across the country, that fans cannot bring in certain bags. they're lementing the size as well as the type of bag. so we're asking fans to bring items in clear bags. that does not exceed the 12 insms by 12 insms by six inch.
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so we're recommending zip lock bags. no larger than a gallon. as well as small about the size of your hand with or without a strap. >> so fans should probably at this point take a little extra time. plan for it. as far as budget that and from your tailgating to make your way into m&t bank stadium. >> absolutely. and we also -- the ravens have adopted an easy pass system this year. so if you have nothing to bring into the stadium, you'll have a lot easier access. >> easy pass. that's the simple of the thing to do. go ahead and just cruise right in. if you don't need it, don't bring it. that's the simple of the way to go about it. thank you very much, katy. we appreciate it. we want to talk nor about elvis dumervil. and the incredible pass rusher. what surprised me a little bit he's not that tall. but when you can duck under and that fast and that strong, just fine to not be that big. here's part two of my conversation with the ravens' linebacker elvis dumervil. >> i always look in the mirror and see what i could have done
7:15 pm
better. and this off-season, i took that approach. dealing with the broncos' contract situation. not being -- saying you need to take a pay cut. and so those things, man, you go in. and you say you know what? you got to prove yourself. and in the national football league, every day, day in and day out, you have to -- the chance to do that. and i'm excited for that. >> again, when we talk -- to get to where you are, some ego, you got to believe that you are wufrnt best. and -- one of the best. so a team treats you that way and especially one you had given so much to, how hard was that? >> it was hard. and the only team i've ever known. and you understand the business of it. you build relationships. and it's family. and -- you know, it's business, too. it's nothing to be salty about or to take personal. but it's something that you can take personal to get better. and i truly believe in -- not
7:16 pm
out of response. and so i'm excited to see what happens. >> i think the ravens' fans very excited and coming off the super bowl. and almost like -- because of so many new players. the team is so different and a new -- a new thing going on. working with guys like terrell suggs. haloti ngata, the veterans and stars that are here. what do you see potentially? i think i remember at one point, you lit up. greatness is really right there for this group. >> you -- haloti, they have had a guy like that inside and to him around makes me excited. and you have terrell. his football i.q., his relentless just the way he pursues the ball. we got -- and great counts. we have canty. arthur brown. courtney upshaw. and our secondary, i think, is very underrated. >> is it a little bit hard coming in right after they won the super bowl? you got guys, probably not
7:17 pm
august -- not walking around but showing them -- >> i've not -- >> nothing. >> through o.t.a.'s when they had the little ring ceremony. >> they moved on. >> absolutely. yeah. it's nothing for me to be talking about. and it's -- no. it's a totally different new team. that last year's team did a great job toward the end. and you can learn from that. but 2013 baltimore ravens. and i think we all on this roster, and coaching staff, players, we all have something to prove. >> you think about terrell suggs. who was the ravens' all-time leading pass rusher. as far as when it comes to sacks. and here's a guy who was a defensive player of the year in 2012. in 2011, excuse me. he never has had opposite him an elite pass rusher like elvis dumervil. what these two might accomplish together, it can be something special. now, what we saw a week ago here against the falcons, preseason game number two, was not terribly special for
7:18 pm
baltimore's first team. not the defense. and not the offense as well. took to the fourth quarter for things to finally explode. although any time you can watch jacoby jones, it's a good time. fourth quarter, tyrod taylor. he had himself a fine, fine -- deep to the rookie out of elo nfment. -- of elon. he might find himself in some games. and doss getting to the end zone. he also had a drop and what the coaches may remember. and asa jackson. trying to make sure, the coaching staff remembers him when -- eight-game suspension to start the year. and he is worthy of being on that 53-man roster. 78-yard return for the touchdown. a flag briefly but took it off the field and wasn't on the ravens. and the ravens went ahead and got that victory by a final of 27-23. still to come, we're going to talk about a pretty special weekend. a couple of weeks ago. jonathan ogden. already in the ring of honor
7:19 pm
and now into the pro football hall of fame. i spent some time in canton and saw the baltimore -- when ravens countdown continues after this. >> i'm so very proud to have the baltimore ravens' first-ever draft choice and i'm so humbled to be the baltimore ravens' first-ever hall of fame inductee. ♪
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>> the return of the football season and our ulocal users happy to show you. and check out this ravens team hummer. i'm thinking goes to the -- goes to most of the games. all ages enjoy ravens football. indeed. make sure to share your fan hotos on ulocal at all right. now, when we go back to talk a little bit about what we saw
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week one of the preseason, that was a better effort than in week two. on the road with terrible weather. and the tampa bay buccaneers. the ravens stormedaway to an impressive victory and scoring 44 points. 24 points for the 44 coming in the second quarter. that's when they exploded. that's when the monsoon erupted. and raymond james stadium. go figure. and a big day. he recovered two fumbles. scored two touchdowns. had 32 yards receiving. and joe flacco, really was pretty accurate and moved the ball. he was-9 but one bad throw, picked off by former raven sandy gore. so a little bit of struggle from joe. that's why tonight, see if they can get that clicking and first team osmse into the end zone. now let's talk a little bit about history and the pro football hall of fame and canton. and i spent some time there recently looking at -- amazed at the footprint that baltimore history has left in canton. and with jonathan ogden being the first raven to go in and the roots go so much deeper
7:23 pm
than that. you learn quickly upon entering the pro football hall of fame, baltimore is well represented. award winning photos, in the new lobby including a pair of future hall of famers. baltimore faced photo journalist patrick smith honored for his incredible shot of ed reed. >> that's the -- he will be brought to canton for our enshrinement celebration to be honored as the photographer of the year. and you can see actually the second place photo in in a feature category was ray lewis. >> the ravens also enjoy prominence in the present day wing of the hall of fame. ray lewis' entire uniform from super bowl xlvii. a terrell suggs jersey from the 2011 season. in which he was the defensive player of the year. jacoby jones jersey from his record 109-yard kickoff return. and of course jonathan ogden owns his own special place right now. but how are the baltimore colts remembered by the hall of fame? >> the hall of fame has certainly gone modern to help your experience here. to find out more about the hall of famers a touchscreen. you can find them by name, by
7:24 pm
team, by position and by year. the thing is when you go by team and want to find nor about the baltimore colts, nobody there. you have to hit on indianapolis to learn more about john unitas. >> johnny u was an icon in the game of football. >> to be fair that's the only frustration in regard to how the colts are displayed. the baltimore colts. it didn't take long to figure out the most prominent player in canton is john unitas. the bronze bust of course but another bronze statue, too. the black high tops. the jerseys. and the game that earns the greatest tribute, you know which one. >> in 1958, they played in what's considered to be the greatest game ever played. >> the baltimore colts are such an important part of nfl history. and an important part of the way we tell this story. we always want to make sure they will be remembered. there's no greater game maybe than the 1958 championship game. >> and i would encourage you, if you have not had a chance to
7:25 pm
get to canton and you're a football fan, go. you can spend several hours and thoroughly enjoy going back to the history and see how well baltimore indeed is represented and of course there is now a full-time baltimore raven in the hall. jonathan ogden. the very first draft pick ever by ozzie newsom and company. and he is the first ever to go into the hall of fame. and very special weekend indeed. and ravens fans packed it for him to be there to see the bust that was unveiled. 12 seasons as a raven. 11 times through the pro bowl. he became really the face of his position. and if you're going to be in the hall of fame and talk about were you considered to be one of the very best at your position during your time, for maybe a year or two. for a decade j.o. was the very best left tackle. and he shared a story about his first day as a baltimore raven. a day no one in this city will ever forget. >> we had no team. we had no history. we had -- didn't even have team colors. we just had a name. i can remember at the draft, i
7:26 pm
had that black jacket with the white letters that say baltimore ravens. and the white hat with the black letters that said baltimore ravens. and the back of my mind i was saying i don't really know where we're going with this right now. but ozzie was drafting me, assured me saying our goal is to make a winner here. and i told him, i want to be a part of that. >> you might expect someone that's big, that strong, that physically gifted and that smart would have expected all along to end up in the pro football hall of fame. but i asked j.o. about that last week. because before he was even drafted, espn booked him and a few of the other top picks to the hall of fame for a tour. he said it was really fun to look around and see some of his favorite players and check out some of the linemen like jackie slater and guys that he emulated but at that point he never considered he himself to ever be good enough to be in the hall of fame. he told me he was just concerned was going ahead and trying to make the team. and made a team that 12 years and the ring of honor and to the pro football hall of fame. he could not have had a better
7:27 pm
first pick for the baltimore ravens. still to come our "ravens countdown," the voice of the ravens gerry sandusky sits down with new toys for the defensive coordinator to play with. we'll talk about that straight ahead. >> the good thing about bringing in guys from the league a long time that are classy veterans, they take -- they want to win. and they're going to do what they're told and try to do it well.
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>> for the third straight thursday, the baltimore ravens look to beat an n.f.c. south team in the preseason. so far, so good. >> torrey smith. across med field. to the 30. 20 torrey smith is going all the way for a ravens touchdown. >> tonight's dress rehearsal gives the guys you'll see on sunday afternoon the most snaps in any preseason game.
7:30 pm
it also gives coaches the best evaluation of how their team looks going into the regular season. for the third straight thursday, it's ravens preseason football. on wbal tv 11. and it starts right now. with ravens countdown. >> welcome back to "ravens countdown." i'm pete gilbert. and we want to talk about what we're going to see defensively with a beautiful night here at m&t bank stadium. fans filing in. the music is good. we'll get a forecast to make sure this weather is going to hold coming up in a little bit. but last year, first year at the helm, and the defensive coordinator, there may be no one more lofty than the one here in baltimore and first year, super bowl championship. and he would be the first to admit it wasn't perfect and had to make many adjustments on the fly. this year plenty of new adjustments as well and many new players in which to incorporate. gerry sandusky had a chance to sit down and talk about the biggest challenge of bringing these guys all together.
7:31 pm
>> terminology is the biggest obstacle when you bring in a veteran. the technique is not. basically everybody's kind of played the same technique probably in most defenses. and you can reference that. the difference is what we might call a they call b. and some other place. so the guys have to get used to the terminology. then the or thing is what you got to do is plug them in. teach them everything. as if they're really rookies. but the thing of it is they catch on so much quicker because they're veterans and know how to study and know how to watch tape and adapt to stuff. then what you do when you get it all said and done, ok, can this guy do what we want him to do? or do we have to tweak it a little bit or is that not part of our defense we have to throw out? and either add something else or not add something else. so it's a process. but the good thing about bringing in guys that are in the league for a long time, that are classy veterans, they take to it. because that he, had he want to win and they're going to do what they're told. and try to do it well. >> when you bring rookies in, when you bring in a matt elam,
7:32 pm
obviously he has to learn the ravens' way. but i'm picking up from your comments that the veterans come in and they've been in this league and know the way the ravens do everything already. >> here's the thing. these players talk around this league. these guys tweet each other and call each other all the time. when i came here as a linebacker, coach, a couple of years ago and i first met ray, ray says i know all about you. he had already talked to junior seau, ted yes bruschi. mike srabel and four or five guys i coached and knew what i was like and personality and already had the skinny on me. well, it's the same way with these guys. they know, if you're going to sign with baltimore you know how we're going to work andow our defense isoing to play and what's going to be expected of you. or they wouldn't sign here if they didn't want to take that on. all the players know all the other teams in the league. before they sign with them. >> you mentioned ray and so much talk about life after ray. and it ace me back to jerrod johnson shared with me a couple of years ago when ray was injured for a couple of weeks. and he said it changed the defense because all of a sudden all 11 guys had to pay closer
7:33 pm
attention to their assignment because if you had it wrong presnap, ray wasn't out there to get you in the right spot. do you sense some of that coming -- going on in it camp? >> sometimes everybody just feels like -- i may be the next leader. and it's not necessarily vocal. but everybody now, i got to do my part. and some ways, some times, it puts the onus on guys that maybe wouldn't have it before and they know it. and i think jared probably put it exactly right. and i feel like that's our team right now. >> much more with -- coming up lart in the show. "ravens countdown." as far as weather wise the first couple of games in tampa, we saw sticky and stormy and dined of nasty. a week ago. and it was like autumn here and delightful. and tonight not bad. a little bit warm. but at least the storms have stayed away. now whether the weather remains tayed away we'll hear from
7:34 pm
tony pann. >> the weather looks unsettled for the game tonight. i would say there's a 50% chance we could see a passing shower or thunderstorm at any point during the game. otherwise, just going to be warm and muggy. the temperatures are going to start out in the low 80's. by the fourth quarter, they'll drift back into the upper 70's. this is tony pann with your 11 news insta-weather plus game day forecast. >> very happy birthday to tony pann and i'm sure he's 38 or 39 years old. congratulations tony. when we km back upon "ravens countdown" we'll check out some of the later practices and junior university and how things fared there for the ravens last week. and also we have to head outside again, right? >> oh, you know it. that's right. the sun is going down. hungry ravens fans are manning the grill and hundreds more filing into the stadium. we'll talk with tailgaters coming up after the break. ♪
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it's a reality check. i had my reality check when i'd be sitting there with my friends who had their verizon phones and i'd be sitting there like "mine's still loading!" i couldn't get email. i couldn't stream movies. i couldn't upload any of our music. i couldn't count on it, that's when i decided to switch. now that i'm on verizon, everything moves fast. with verizon, i have that reliability. i'm completely happy with verizon. verizon's 4g lte is the most reliable and in more places than any other 4g network. period. that's powerful. verizon.
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rampse reality tv. -- >> ravens reality tv. the ravens face the st. louis rams. kickoff at 7:30. ravens kickoff at 7:30 and the kickoff just after 8:00. all right here on wbal tv. your home for ravens proim time football. now we want to head back outside the stadium where the fun of course is going on for
7:38 pm
hours. the fun has been going on for hours. jennifer franciotti. and how is it going out there, jen? >> it's going great. i haven't met an unfriendly person out here. let me tell you. ravens fans fired up about tonight's game. and talking about fired up, where talking grilling type food. because when you tailgate, it's all about the food. but this is pathetic. what's left on the grill. what are youing to, eating everything -- are you doing, eating everything? >> yes. while the boys are unhappen about going back to school this was a night out with the boys. >> out with the boys and ready for these kids to be back in school. >> you lflt the ladies at home? >> we left the ladies at home. >> and ate all the food and no table cloths. do and dirty man style. we'll take you over -- we have some italian fixings. garlic bread, pasta salad. >> all the good food for the ravens game. tailgating. always a good time.
7:39 pm
>> the food from germano's. >> the best lasagna in baltimore. straight out of germano's. >> you do this every game. how much fun is this? you have a great time, don't you? and are we going to win tonight? give me a big go ravens? fans filing into the stadium. they are ready to get their seat for tonight's game. reporting leave out here, jennifer franciotti, go ravens! >> thank you, jen. not your tep cal tailgate fare -- typical tailgate fare. love germanos. great stuff. and fans have -- three public practices. training camp. and lead the league in venues when it comes to practicing. they've been at navy and m&t bank stadium and this past sunday they were at the university putting on a good show. and well received by the fans. and players have enjoyed it, too. and have to enjoy a good look at joe flacco. the super bowl m.v.p. and john harbaugh chatting up stevenson, and a national
7:40 pm
championship -- and what we saw, the first look at brandon stokley looking like he -- the ravens wanted to sign him with a really good practice for joe flacco. and john harbaugh, he felt pretty good about it. >> everybody here, at the university, has been fantastic. all the way through. just a lot of great people. we love them over here. we have good work. so good tough practice. and we're on our way. and we're getting better. i think it's starting to clear up and a lot of things determined not just in the game but in practice and through the game. and like to have those battles decided by the time we finish this next game. >> the execution we saw on sunday and john harbaugh wants to see how it translates against the panthers in preseason guam number three. gerry sandusky conversation with ravens' defensive
7:41 pm
coordinator. stay tuned. >> as the defensive coordinator you got basically about six seconds to make a decision on what you want to play on that call. and that's going -- it gets signaled in right away and those players have about five to six seconds to get lined up and get ready to go.
7:42 pm
7:43 pm
>> dean pees expecting a better effort tonight than we saw a week ago. certainly from his run defense. in which they -- didn't do much stopping of the atlanta falcons. a week ago. had to grimace when discussing that this week and you can bet he will be more stout up front tonight gebs -- against the carolina panthers. d dean pees, talking about it wasn't very good and will make adjustments. and makes him one of the very best defensive coordinators in the nfl. gerry sandusky had a chance to sit down with the veteran and part two of our conversation. >> they all show the physical
7:44 pm
qualities that we saw in them coming out of college. all of them, what we analyzed as their physical attributes. they definitely have those. now it's the mental part of it. ok. not only knowing aseements because we are not a simple defense. -- knowing assignments because we are not a simple defense. and how are you going to handle the rigors of being a pro? how are you going to handle a 16-game plus four preseason, plus hopefully playoff games? how are you going to handle that all the way down the road? so this is going to be an ongoing process throughout the whole year. >> without getting yourself in any scouting trouble, sharing trade secrets -- >> won't be a problem. >> can you share with our viewers what the mental part of football is. because i don't think most football fans understand from the time you signal in the defensive call to the time the ball is snapped everything -- strong safety has to consider. >> well, i'll put it this way. i'll put it in more general terms of the whole defense.
7:45 pm
as the defensive corned you got six seconds -- coordinator you got six seconds to play on that call. that will get signaled in right away and those players have about five to six seconds to get lined up and get ready to go. well, we have total probably over 20 coverages. we have probably over 70 pressures. we have probably over 10 fronts. so when you combine all those combinations of things, and that's not giving anything away, because everybody has to figure pout what those are, you're a strong safety, ok, i don't even have to know the front. but i got to know the pressure and the coverage that goes with it and have to know the technique to play. bachede on the formatn that the offense gives me. so it's not easy. that's why the guys are really good. study. and i think everybody -- sometimes our guys, great athlete, shows up. if -- there are some teams that play two or three coveras. two or three fronts. life is not that hard.
7:46 pm
that's not the case here. >> and the ravens' defense, in very good hands. you're probably aware that two weeks from now on -- a scheduling conflict and the ravens, the nfl wanted them to open up at home but a scheduling conflict with an orioles game forces them to be on the road in denver. that said, festivities in two weeks, right here baltimore to help celebrate the kickoff of the 2013 season. nfl kickoff, features a concert from country music superstar keith urban. inner harbor. and married to actress nicole kidman. 14 number one hits and nine studio albums. ray lewis kind of numbers. he starts the party two thursdays from now. fantasy football of course, a big part for everybody. if you have a fantasy football in the preseason, you might want to see a little bit of
7:47 pm
help. that said, we still care about some of the numbers that have transpired as far as the first two weeks. so joe flacco, s only missed four targets. but remember, he was the postseason without a single interception and would like to clean that up. flacco, torrey smith for the first team offense is only a highlight last week against atlanta. but that was a beauty. and justin tucker. what a find he has been. game winner in denver and no one will ever forget. and great in the preseason and a 57-yarder on a very wet field. pretty special indeed. justin tucker a great find to have there kicking. so when you go from -- matt stover, and now justin tucker, a brief ent lewd and we don't need to talk -- brief interlude and we don't need to talk about that right now. and gerry sandusky chats with john harbaugh and final thoughts as "ravens countdown" continues. >> torrey smith. he deflects it. across the 40.
7:48 pm
torrey smith is going all the way! for a ravens touchdown! 77 yards on the slant pattern from joe flacco!
7:49 pm
7:50 pm
>> ladarius webb injured early in the year last year. torn a.c.l. done. he is back. and he has looked very good thus far. has not played in the preseason. probably won't play again tonight. but watching him in practice his knee looks good. i think ladarius will be back and full steam ahead come september 5 against the denver broncos. of course, injury one of the biggest concerns any coach would have. sfashes the other concerns about what we're going to see tonight, gerry sandusky caught up with ravens head coach john harbaugh. >> two weeks from tonight the ravens will kick off the regular season. on the road in denver. tonight, a last look for ravens fans as they take on the carolina panthers. and we visit with ravens head
7:51 pm
coach john harbaugh. coach, you started this training camp with an evolving roster and that continues to change. tell us a little bit about the david reid trade and what were you looking to do in the backfield? >> what it does is gives both players an opportunity. maybe one that they were losing out on their present team. david the situation was becoming a little tenuous and some good young players and gives him a chance to go to a team where they have a real need. same thing with delon. a situation to compete for the third running back and special teams position over the course of the next week and gives him a little new life as well. >> a little bit of time left to get some final touches put on your offense. with so many changes. visanthe shiancoe, dallas clark, brandon stokley, how is that transition going for them with ravens and working with joe flacco? a lot of moving parts. >> there is. i think it's going well. as well as you could expect. they're all doing a great job. hopefully we'll see some progress tonight. we've seen the progress in practice. you like for it to transfer over to the game so everybody can see it. and we can see it in that kind
7:52 pm
of environment. we're really happy with where we're at. we're in a good position for the season going forward. but we're very hopeful that a lot of it shows up tonight. >> defense, your engel pass rusher, pro bowlers -- edge pass rushers, pro bowlers have gotten attention but courtney upshaw, mcphee, didn't have suggs in camp last year to learn under and this year they have suggs and elvis duremvell. how is that impacting their play? >> i think it's impacted it in a positive way and a chance to learn from these guys. and not just learn by hearing, learn by seeing. seeing the way they prepare. the way they practice. and technique and things like that. so that's how younger players evolve. the older players bring them along and help grow them. >> clock is ticking for a lot of players. the roster gets trimmed down to 75 and that increases the level of anxiety that maybe fans can't necessarily see. where do you see it with young players who count numbers, too? >> they do. that's anxiety. that stress is always there. and it's a good thing. it's a competitive environment. they've been working just as
7:53 pm
hard now as they did from day one. doing everything they can. to make a dream come true. and that's what they're all trying to do. and getting down to the wire right now. it's the second half of the fourth quarter. maybe it's the fourth quarter. for those guys. and they're trying to make a difference. and make a statement. >> coach, good luck tonight against the panthers. >> thanks, gerry. >> that's a big point that john harbaugh made. you think about the fact that tonight is about the starters and the first teamers trying to get as good as they can two weeks from now. that fourth quarter is going to be guys that are fighting for their jobs. and we have a limited window tonight. to make something good happen. so a big part for them. and they have to sit around until the fourth quarter to wait to see how that will play out for them. and each week, on ravens wrapup during the season, we do a sideline -- we have some of the best and the best sports photographers with jim fornier and sean smith and preseason, they've done some work already
7:54 pm
ith that, too. >> third down and 2. tyrod taylor will throw it. going for the end zone. caught. touchdown. aaron oullet puts the ball in the end zone and the hay in the barn. the ravens show up for the first time this season. >> torrey smith. to the 30, 20, torrey smith is going all the way! for a ravens touchdown. 77 yards. on the slant pattern from joe flacco. and stays in the gun. this time to his left. taylor wants to throw. fires. complete. shaw. in for the touchdown. just a little out pattern. tyrod taylor. and the former indiana hoosier is in the end zone. >> the punt return. sideline. mid field.
7:55 pm
40-yard line. 30. 20. he's going all the way. will take it to the house. a 78-yard punt return. >> he can run. sometimes -- how fast he was. and obviously pretty good. >> ravens player introductions under way. we're minutes away from football. thank you to our executive producer for putting this show together.
7:56 pm
7:57 pm
>> pick three numbers. first ball is a 5. hat's a 3. and 9. that makes your pick three numbers 5-3-9. five card cash. eight of hearts. five of hearts, four of hearts, two of clubs and jack of clubs. that's eight of hearts, five of hearts, four of hearts, two of clubs and jack of clubs. moving right over to the big game. a 9. there we go. that's a 2. 6. and final ball is 3.
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recapping the pick four game, 9, 2, 6, 3. now through september 8, you can double or triple your winnings every time you play
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